What is Laughter Yoga?


Laughter isn't just a reaction to something funny - it's actually your body releasing endorphins to feel a 'natural high'.

Laughter yoga has taken this amazing ability and brought it to a group level.  The whole experience is designed to get you giggling and laughing like you did when you were a child.

Clear your mind completely from any stress, relax and let yourself go. You'll be amazed at how long that 'natural high' will last .

nothing to lose but everything to gain!

A little bit about me: 


My name is Maayan and i discovered laughter yoga in Hawaii and have been practising it ever since.

My slogan is 'simply laugh' - it's the best remedy to anything and everything.

I have discovered that laughter is a universal language, that can connect people from every walk of life.

I say, just come and give it a go!

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